Chia HPOOL pool — Linux tutorial

Say good-bye to the 0XCH club!

HPOOL rewarding: — Chia data — 16/5
My rewards for 1 hour with ±50 plots

HPOOL sign up:

Change the language to English for easier navigation.
Click Sign up and fill in your details.
Verify you’re not a bot
You will receive a verification email and you should click on the link inside of it
Login with your credentials and navigate to Personal Center

HPOOL miner installation:

INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Fingerprint: *************** 
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Farmer Public Key (fpk): ********
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Pool Public Key (ppk): ********
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Signature: ***********************
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Signature for address: ************
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Signature Expiry at: 2021–05–17 21:11:14 +0300 IDT
Click “Open Pool” and then “Not open, please open first” on the right side
Click on “Open Pool” under CHIAECO
Click “Go To Configuration”
Paste you Signature string you copied prior and hit “Bind”
Now copy the “API Key” and save it for the miner setup.

Triggering the miner:

Online miner
Online plots

Software engineer