Chia HPOOL pool — Linux tutorial

Say good-bye to the 0XCH club!

In this post I will guide you on how to setup a Chia HPOOL on your Linux system. Here are some resource before I begin:

I should start with a disclaimer warning you that there is no official support for pools right now in the Chia mainnet (official Chia pool) and HPOOL is currently an alternative way to mining in a pool. It’s your own responsibility to joining and I do not carry any responsibility on guiding you how to do it. Its may result in losing access to your Chia wallet. This guide is for people that already plotted and farmed Chia and understand the risk for your SSD and HDD when plotting and farming Chia. It also important to note that you can stop using the pool anytime you want and get back to solo farming which is much safer. (Since your have to provide your mnemonic to HPOOL plotter/miner).

My setup:

  • CPU: Intel i5–6600
  • RAM: 16GB 2400Mhz (2x8GB)
  • Plotting SSD: 1TB Samsung 980
  • FARMING HDD: WD External 14TB x 2
  • OS: Ubuntu 20.08

My setup is very simple and I can achieve 5–6 new plots daily with an average plot creation time around 9h–10h and init a new plotting process every 5 hours.

HPOOL rewarding:

The current income is around 2$ per TB/Day. Below you can see the info of HPOOL, its payout, fees, minimal withdrawal amount. Its important to note that the minimal withdrawal amount is 0.2 XCH. You won’t be able to withdraw to external wallet if you have less than that! — Chia data — 16/5

You can also check and test with your own setup to see the expected earnings for your farm.

My rewards for 1 hour with ±50 plots

HPOOL sign up:

You will need to signup into HPOOL website in order to join their pool.

Navigate to

Change the language to English for easier navigation.
Click Sign up and fill in your details.
Verify you’re not a bot
You will receive a verification email and you should click on the link inside of it
Login with your credentials and navigate to Personal Center

HPOOL miner installation:


Insert your mnemonic word sequence you use to create your plots and hit Enter (can be found in your Chia official client in the Keys menu).


You should receive an output which looks like this (but with more characters):

INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Fingerprint: *************** 
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Farmer Public Key (fpk): ********
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Pool Public Key (ppk): ********
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Signature: ***********************
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Signature for address: ************
INFO[2021–05–16T21:11:41+03:00] Signature Expiry at: 2021–05–17 21:11:14 +0300 IDT
  • Copy the value of Signature and save it we will need it in the next steps.
  • Head to your HPOOL Personal Center and follow the images to open a new pool connection:
Click “Open Pool” and then “Not open, please open first” on the right side
Click on “Open Pool” under CHIAECO
Click “Go To Configuration”
Paste you Signature string you copied prior and hit “Bind”
Now copy the “API Key” and save it for the miner setup.

Now the Chia HPOOL open for you and you need to setup the miner to start receiving rewards for your plots.

Triggering the miner:

The miner will work properly only if you disable the farming process in your Official Chia client. There are 2 ways to do it: 1. Remove the plots locations through the client GUI or turning off the client.
I’m not using the Chia client for plotting so I am not running the client. I plot with CLI using PlotNG tool and I highly recommend because of the plotting utilisation it enables.

  • Insert your API Key
  • Insert the location of your plots — you can insert multiple locations by hitting Enter after each path. To end the input insert “end” in the console.
  • Thats it! Now you should see a log print and in couple of minutes you will see your machine in the HPOOL site working. After couple of hours you will also see all the plots that you have added to the miner, and will start receiving rewards.
Online miner
Online plots

I hope this was helpful and you have your miner up and running. I am thinking on writing another guide on how to plot with PlotNG. If it might be interesting please leave me a comment here.


If it was helpful tips are welcomed :) xch1k99yrv2z88tva9atzfemfdkru5e9txfgttyjf709a6gjrxl9lzdqg0gzz6




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Software engineer

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